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Why Tyler Perry's Temptation Kills Women With HIV

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Grow up! Most women and men cheat on impulse. Women in particular, cheat Very easy as they are lead by emotions, insecurities, and the thought of upgrading. Its called monkeybranching. Happens EVERY Day. Why is it good men finish last? This movie shows why. Because women put assholes and money first. Pimping is pimping. I like that she didnt get off scott free like 99% of cheaters do. Its a comedy

August 9, 2019

Frederick Wright

Crystal I wish it was that simple to pin hole the problem that is layered with stigma and temptation. You are not late with you comment for the conversation is needed about compassion, hope and faith to a community that has years of oppression. The passionate essay is about waking up of man, taking ownership to address HIV in the community with truth and hope. The denial of what your speaking about may be a problem liken to overweight and large amounts of sugar that causes more deaths than HIV.

August 21, 2013 Palm Desert


I am late with this comment. But, the problem is that are a men and women who live in denial about their status, and they ARE recklessly spreading HIV and other STDs. What is appalling is the disdain for this movie coming from a HIV AWARENESS website. The fact of the matter is that Perry is the only director in Hollywood with the guts to open up a dialogue about the virus. He is in need of education himself, but I applaud his effort in bringing about AWARENESS, which is needed.

August 11, 2013 Chicago


I am in a serodicodent relationship. I'm negative and my partner is positive. I liked the movie temptation. However I took Tyler Perry's interpretation from a morality stand point. Because the fact remains if anybody has unprotected sex with a new partner the chance of getting infected by a number of diseases is very real. It is a movie and over dramatizations sells tickets.

July 31, 2013 tucson

Frederick Wright

I for one have not seen the movie for I am ashamed of black men in leadership that make Jokes about their community, while sitting in their white suites eating grapes and having their feet rubbed. What a sell out for I guess the next movie for this gentle man will be putting on a dress and making Jokes about young black teenager getting shot in the street because of his bad choices. Mr Perry is laughing all the way to the bank while humiliating his people and calling it art. Sell Out

July 31, 2013 Coachella Valley


So I finally watched today. Its a very sad movie. The end made it seem like if you have HIV you can never be in a relationship. Both girls were shown made me sad until I thought, Hey I am in a wonderful relationship with a negative man. I hope that everyone who watches it with HIV don't feel that they will be alone. Since my diagnosis I've never dated anyone with HIV. If the person love you they will except you as your. I'm positive he's negative and we live a normal happy life.

July 27, 2013 Texas

Benjamin Scott

I Watch This Movie With 5 other people with HIV and they all took some thing Positive From The Movie Concerning HIV and People Who Has It,I'm Not Surprise By The Very Negative Comments,People Talked Or Took JESUS The Same Way But All HE Did Was Good,Keep Giving {US) Jobs Tyler Perry.How Many BLACK People Plays A Super Hero Hollywood Give Jobs To Or Any other acting jobs,NOT Many.

July 24, 2013 Brunswick


I loved the movie!Im young and positive and have been for 7yrs...Its just a movie about being tempted to do something that will bring no benefit. Actions and consequences. She should have gotten tested and blah blah.Its a movie and its sad that this is some people's reality including mines but hey its life.. Lets all put on our big girl undies and be ok.. Be mad at the people who wont educate themselves at all and not at this movie..CHOICES AND DECISIONS!!

July 1, 2013 PA


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