In February, Tony Perkins, an HIV-positive Indiana resident, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of failing to warn a sexual partner he had HIV. Perkins, 47, now faces an additional 15 felony counts after 26 more women came forward to claim they had sex with him and to file charges against him, The Indianapolis Star reports.

“We’re hoping this is going to wrap up this one,” Greenwood police chief Joe Pitcher said of the new criminal charges. “We think we’ve reached out and found everyone possible.”

None of the women who have come forward has tested HIV positive, said county prosecutor Brad Cooper in a statement. The maximum penalty for each new count, currently a Class D felony, would be six months to three years. However, that charge would rise to Class C with a corresponding penalty that would increase to two to eight years if any of the women tests positive.

Perkins is being jailed without bond and is scheduled for a sentencing April 21.