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Fighting AIDS With Lessons Learned From Black History

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Ronald Dennis

The white gay men who started the organization ACT-UP did so screaming for more to be done to save us all, black and white. Few blacks were speaking out in the early 1980's about HIV/AIDS. My story was in POZ magazine during its early years as a black man living with HIV and again in a special 2002 edition on HIV medications regimen. The black dancer/actors of my generation who died from AIDS, did so in secrecy and silence. Time to bring back that bumper sticker, Silence=Death! Black Death!

January 9, 2010 Los Angeles


we dont have the economic empowerment that our counterparts have, we don't have the family structure but that doesnt mean that we don't have the drive or the tenacity, we just dont have anyone grooming us for anything. So how does one do more on a national level that will help the cause. This is our fight so now is our time to fight it or be lost once again.

January 5, 2010 Chicago


As an AIDS/HIV advocate when and where does the platform come that people groom leaders to go out and fight the fight so that people pay attention to the cause and not just the people fighting the cause. Where does the foundation come from so that someone who is willing to speak out, tell his story and be a fixture for the movement? There has got to be someone that people can identify with, relate to as much as african americans wnat to have degrees and to create companies we don't

January 5, 2010 Chicago, IL


An interesting approach to dealing with HIV/AIDS in the black community. The absolute first thing that must be done in our community is to destigmatize HIV/AIDS. No one wants to even talk openly about it. Many negative brothas wont even talk to poz brothas online. And the worse part is that we are dealing with a relatively small pool to choose from to begin with. Hence, we are more likely to "be involved with" someone poz. Most probably wont disclose as long as there is fear and shame.

January 4, 2010 Htown


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