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“F*ck w/out Fear” Urges This Bold HIV Prevention Campaign

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I agree completely with Richard, I think this is crazy...what about the next virus that comes along?? To say HIV is incurable is a bit misleading, it's manageable, and that's why people (of all sexualities) have got complacent and started taking more risks, and this will encourage that further, surely?? And why take any drug if you don't really need it?? Short-term goal, irresponsible message, it's going down in history as a mistake, I think.

July 7, 2018 UK


Why are these only directed to the gay or bisexual groups? I'm a HIV+ heterosexual male been pos for 6 yrs and have a 5 yr relationship with a negative partner. It don't make since that all these things are for the others. I don't have a problem with the others because I have many gay friends. Just trying to understand the way of it all.

March 22, 2017


This is cool. The tagline, however, is identical with the PrEP campaign done by Bangkok-based HIV testing campaign:

January 11, 2017 Bangkok


Hi Richard, PrEP will not prevent people from getting other STIs, but other STIs are curable while HIV is not. Arguably the real fear is about catching an incurable disease. Being on PrEP requires three monthly attendance at the clinic to monitor STIs and other health issues. STIs are simple to cure, especially if diagnosed in the early stages. But the BIGGEST benefit of PrEP is the possibility for gay men to live their lives without fear.

January 10, 2017 Sydney


This campaign is catchy in the style of the brand FCUK, but "F*ck w/out fear" is dangerous, stupid and naive. It will likely encourage more condomless sex. And it will then likely result in yet more spread of other STDs / STIs. Why does this campagn, and many other HIV campaigns, neglect to mention let alone emphasise that STIs other than HIV exist, are pervasive, and are nasty? It's ridulous and negligent.

January 9, 2017 United Kingdom


"F*ck without fear" is so irresponsible. Even if it keeps HIV contraction / spreading down, it will do nothing to reduce the spreading / contraction of all other STDs and STIs. In fact, it will cause more other STI / STD cases. Condoms should be used in tandom with PReP - UNLESS YOU ARE IN A SAFE MONOGAMOUS RELATIONSHIP. Other STDs and STIs are horrible too. This campaign is dangerous, stupid and ignorant for ignoring other STDs and STIs.

January 7, 2017 United Kingdom


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