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PrEP May Be Accelerating Gay and Bi Men’s Declining Condom Rate

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It's stupid for a man on PrEP to go condomless. Its stupid to let a man on PrEP go condomless with you. And it's stupid for anyone to go condomless with a man on PrEP, too. Think about STDs! Think about STIs!

June 17, 2018 UK


Men! Any excuse to stop using condoms! Even when the excuse isn't sufficient! Basically what I am saying is that condoms are supposed to be used while a person is on PrEP, but that men on PrEP are choosing to go without condoms and so are fuelling the spread of other STDs. Men!!!

June 12, 2018 UK

So Now What

Well I certainly hope they didn't spend too much money figuring out that no brainer...

June 9, 2018


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