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PrEP and Prejudice

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I started prep three moths ago and it is fully paid by my insurance. Talk to your doctor honestly and help S/he get you protected. This is the info the insurance company needs. Here are the ICD-10 codes for your MD to use, Z72.5 - High Risk Sexual Behavior Z20.82 - Suspected contact with viral communicable disease Z79 - long term use of drug therapy for prophylactic use Z70.0 - Counseling related to a patient's sexual behavior and orientation Also A "CPT" code 99401 Prevention Counseling

September 29, 2015 Las Vegas

Robbie Noche

I want to thank POZ for addressing PReP, its roadblocks and the stigma that might be associated by taking Truvada. I did speeches on PreP for Cascade AIDS Project( ASO in the Northwest) I experience first hand its issues because I take Truvada myself.

July 16, 2015 Portland

mike grant

I am a bisexual male who has been exclusively MSM for the last 2 years. After contracting an sti i was advised to go on PrEP. I am confused as to how "protected" i am. Is it 100%, 98%, 65%? I have been on PrEP since February 2015 and havnt missed a pill. I am a bottom who just has casual sex, never use condoms and havnt had a top pull out for as long as i can remember. Being on PrEP has not changed my behavior, but has apparently reduced my risk of hiv, just confused as to how much.

May 17, 2015 Chicago


My queer 18 year old has been on Prep for about a year. I am so grateful to Children's Hospital for providing this medicine to my child.

October 18, 2014 Van Nuys, CA

Frank R Car

f I would have had been able to take a pill in the morning or whenever I was not inebriated I might not be positive right now. As usual, it all comes down to sex- some are afraid that someone is having more fun than themselves. Stay out of my bedroom! As if we did not have the heterosexuals directing our sex lives, now it's gay people too, for God's sake! Guess what, the straight people have to make decisions about the other STI's too. If a pill can prevent even one HIV infection so be it.

October 9, 2014 Shreveport

Frederick Wright-Stafford

Matt you are passionate about the art of porn in the big business of Holly Wood. I think most TV series one doesn't see at any time in movies too a couple stopping to indicate putting on a condom within a love scene the art is subjective in exciting the viewer in supple and demand. The problem with Prep or Pep is leadership or lac, I think where are the heavy hitter like The AIDS Institute,AFAR and The Black AIDS Institute in taking a position either for or against.It is like needle exchange.hum

October 9, 2014 Jacksonville


Gay men are going to have sex, why dispute and use that as a tool. Reality, the prevention methods can not work if not used, stop playing the same record over and over. Start a serious conversation, change cultural norms ACCEPT people for who they are and allow them to love openly, take the Tabu out of sex. Stop hiding, we fought that battle, and we have been fighting the same battle since the beginning of the epidemic. I know I have been HIV positive for over 28 years

October 7, 2014 Columbus


Great article. I'm on prep and it has affected me in many positive ways, similar to those interviewed. Anything to protect one's health, and that of others, is a beneficial thing. I have had few to no side effects and I take the pill daily, only missing a few doses since starting. And yes, as the poster below said, all gay porn today is BB. Think this has no effect on guys behavior? Please. Condoms have been a flop and prep adds a beneficial adjunct to even 'inconsistent' condom use.

October 6, 2014 Chicago


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