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My doc said the HPV vaccine could help me even tho I’m 55. I’ve got pre cancerous anal dysphasia. You might have to insist since it’s commonly given for younger people.

July 10, 2019


I am VERY cautious about blaming ARV treatment for these cancers. The last thing we want is to frighten people away from HIV treatment. There is, from what I’ve read NO link between ARV treatment and cancer incidence. This is what in science is called a confound. Just because two things occur at the same time does NOT mean that they are linked or one causes the other. I think the more likely culprit is HIV itself and the chronic inflammation state which arises because of the HIV reservoir.

July 10, 2019 Vancouver Canada


I see a dermatologist every 3 months because of an unusually high amount of skin cancer. Every 6 months I have moles surgery and on occasion it's a large site. Last big one I had 5.5 inch diameter patch of my head skin removed, they take it down to the bone. Most are one inch, up to two inches, some are long and thin, 30 stitches or so. The round ones just have to fill in, takes months. I get 20 or more freezes every 3 months. Moral of my story? Go to a dermatologist. Sooner IS better.

July 10, 2019


I also am a long term survivor of 30 years and have HPV that caused cancer to my cervix that had my womb removed in 2016. And been on Hiv medication for a long time but since 2014 and newer medicine that have changed my life am grateful for the change .But still have to go under the knife to remove lesions at least every two months. Which has become a real pain. Am only 49. But the older I get I see more things happening. Trying to stay on top of my health is my number one priority.

July 10, 2019 Brooklyn,Nyc


Without Anti Retroviral HIV treatment people tend to get sick and die. With ART people tend to get decades of good health, but tend to get other ailments in the later life they'd otherwise not have. So, in the latter is it the Anti Retrovirals causing the these other ailments? The Catch 22 situation - long term Anti Retroviral use stops HIV causing immune system failure, but they cause a different immune system undermining of their own.

July 4, 2019 UK


As a longtime survivor of HIV of which many consider over 20 years, I too am a 5 time Cancer survivor (3 times colo-rectal and 2 times Bladder). Even though I get regular screenings, every time I get a twinge of something it's always something I think may be related to Cancer. I have had so much Chemo & radiation over the years and I still am convinced that the reason I have been more susceptible to cancer is due to being HIV+ as no one else in my family has had these types of Cancer.

July 2, 2019 Vancouver, BC


Today I just got screened again as a follow up to my 2nd surgery for precancerous anal lesions (in early 2019). Bad news, new lesions are developing, I may not even do as well as in between my 1st and 2nd surgery (two years interval). In three months again a check and decision to go for (uncomfortable) chemotherapy ointment or plan another surgery. I know I am lucky with a good health insurance and no other medical conditions than HIV and HPV 16/18 yet it sucks to get this news...

July 2, 2019 Switzerland


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