The guys at Impulse Group Los Angeles, which promotes healthier sexual lifestyles for gay men, released their first music video parody, “Bitch I’m a Condom.”

Based on Madonna’s latest track, “Bitch I’m Madonna,” the “Condom” version hews close to the pop star’s video: The camera tracks through groups of colorful, scantily clad partiers at restaurants and clubs as they sing about their safe sexcapades.

For some viewers, the lyrics may be NSFW, but the message is definitely safe. It’s also inclusive of HIV-positive people. Drag queen Manila Luzon, playing the Nicki Minaj role, raps, “No stigma on this rhyme/ No matter, a plus or minus sign/ We’re all clean and super fine!”

Directed by Brad Hammer, “Bitch I’m a Condom” also stars Jai Rodriquez and Pandora Boxx, plus Erick Ivan Wilson as the condom. The project received funding from the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which has made headlines for its controversial (and erroneous) statements against Truvada as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). And though the video promotes condom use, it does not do so at the expense of other prevention methods. In fact, it explicitly states that “PrEP is legit.”