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Two in Five Gay Men ‘Serosort' in an Attempt to Prevent HIV

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While I might believe that 40% serosort, I do not believe it is done by HIV+ guys in the interest of prevention. Dating with HIV continues to be a challenge and serosorting is a means of protecting oneself from ignorance and stigma. While I would do anything and everything to protect my partner(s), looking out for others is by no means a primary reason to date within one's status. This is definitely a reason that might be stated for HIV- guys to serosort however.

March 20, 2014 San Francisco


I've been HIV positive,since August 26,1993.Ever since I've been honest and completely truthful about my status,and I've been practicing safe sex with whomever I have met.I presently have had zero sex for 5 years.I only had 4 partners in my whole adulthood so far. I'm too picky about whom I give my heart to. I don't sleep around and never have.I am almost 46,my Birthday is on May 16 Th.According to my HIV Medical Doctor,I am much healthier then those who don't have my illness.I live healthy.

March 18, 2014 Toronto


This is extremely disconcerting since those who do not know their status yet, but are positive. Discriminating against those who are known positive, but medicated and undetectable makes no logical sense whatsoever. One should either use a condom with all partners (best practice) or only have unprotected sex with positive individuals who are medicated.

March 18, 2014


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