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Statins May Cut Heart Disease Risk in HIV-Positive People

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The Problem with Statins is the Blank things exacerbate Periferal Neuropathy to a crippling level. Wile on Statins I lost all feeling in both my hands and feet within 2 weeks of taking them. This was to the point I was unable to do my job at the time. Speaking with The Techs that did EMG (Nerve function) testing on me. I was told it is a real problem side effect, but is not well publicised by the Pharm industries.

April 25, 2015 Phoenix


Statins have lots of nasty side effects. Good dietary habits, such as eating whole foods -- both vegetables and proteins and good fats and avoiding processed foods, sugar and bad carbohydrates, are much more beneficial to heart and overall health.

April 20, 2015


Statins=CRAP.they cause "statin-myalgia".happens in at least 50% of people who take this drug.I was being treated for a frozen shoulder, with no success. the other shoulder started doing the same thing, about the time I read about this condition. I stopped the statin ASAP and the pain stopped. first side improved and healed.keep your statins and their false sense of security. Studies showed that even though patients who used statins had improved numbers, they had no less heart attacks

April 16, 2015


What a crock of crap! How much did this study cost big Pharma??? I'm sure statins can help fight CAD... that is if you can survive the horrific side effects... Like Rhabdomyolysis, ruptured tendons, kidney failure.... Sure, sounds like a miracle to me!

April 16, 2015 Long Beach

Greg H.

I began Lipitor in 2000 after my first bypass, but unfortunately, I had that "rare but serious" side effect that the commercials warn. Rhabdomyolysis. This seems to have triggered the lipodystrophy, which caused me to gain 60 pounds in a few months. Nothing I did took the weight off, so now I just don't care. Food is the only pleasure I have left so at age 62, if I'm going to look like a pig, I may as well have "earned" it.

April 15, 2015 Davenport, FL


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