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Widespread PrEP Use Would Take a Big Bite Out of HIV

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@Nick44, but I think few gay men in gay marriages would heed your advice because 1. they will think their partner might find out, 2. It's expensive to get on, or else there are hurdles to get over to have it prescribed, and 3. they don't really want to have to speak with a doctor or nurse about the subject. Hence, only guys in open gay relationships would go on PrEP even today.

June 15, 2019 UK


Interesting study however as with almost any study there are gaps and the real issue here is one that was not included in the study and that is in two different methodologies. 1. no incidence of drug use was defined in the study, where we can easily identify among the two different age modalities. Drug use could significantly impact the results of this study along with the second issue. Pathology, this creates an unknown significance of mutation. Good bad or something else?

June 11, 2019 usa


If only this pill had been available before my partner infected me. I can't imagine any single gay man in his right mind not using PrEP. You would have to be just as insane to trust your gay husband. Take this pill daily even if you have to take it in secret. It could save your life while he ends up in the hospital all because he needed to run to the store late one night or fell asleep on a friend's couch. Take this pill and don't ignore red flags!

June 11, 2019 OKC


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