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A Tale of Two Cities

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I lived in SF for >20 years, and was a researcher at UCSF in a lab focused solely on HIV. The picture this article paints of the current state of the battle against new HIV infections in SF is false. Strut is mentioned. Strut is Magnet, a group who takes millions of $ from UCSF and other AIDS ngo's & spends it on big, pricey office space, art galleries & interior designer. They refuse to test and treat women, even if they're high risk. They don't write prescriptions for or dispense Prep or PEP.

May 22, 2016


Greetings, we have come along way towards a Cure for Aids and Hiv+ people. I am a long term survivor of 33 years. Proud to to here, but hope some day the medical research people don't give up in finding a Cure. So, far the med's have kept us alive, but for how long? Good doctors also help with, which med's to take for the virus. Please continue the search for a cure. Right now keeping us alive is doing well... Sincerely SMA

May 18, 2016 Los Angeles

Charles King

While largely a fine story, there are some important inaccuracies with regard to the effort to End the Epidemic in New York State. First, while true that the Governor did not honor his $200 million promise, the total approved in the State budget was $20 million, not $10million, since the initial $10 million approved last year was reauthorized. The housing piece remains to be negotiated, and the City has committed $33million for housing this year if the State matches.

May 16, 2016 New York


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