A man from Nashville has filed a $1.5 million lawsuit against AT&T and BellSouth Telecommunications for firing him allegedly because he has HIV, The Tennessean reports. Eric Joyner started working with BellSouth as a customer service representative in 2005. BellSouth merged with AT&T in 2007, which is when he applied for medical leave. He was granted it, but he claims his supervisor told him that he was at risk of being fired for taking leave. That was when Joyner told her about his prostate condition and that he has HIV. He claims his supervisor harassed him after the disclosure, telling coworkers about his medical problems and saying he may be gay. Joyner complained to her superiors, but he claims the work environment remained hostile. He had a few more medical leaves and was fired after the last one in 2009 for alleged lateness and excessive absences.

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