Many people living with HIV are finding it hard to travel because of the “no entry” policies of various governments—including the United States, reports CNN.

Earlier this year, when the Senate reauthorized the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, it also voted to lift the U.S. ban on immigrants and travelers who are HIV positive. Yet the ban remains in effect until the Department of Health and Human Services modifies its regulations.

Russia also places restrictions on travelers with HIV. Positive visitors are not permitted to stay in the country for more than three months. Those planning to stay long-term must present a certificate stating they are HIV negative.

Crusading against these bans is Ctrl.Alt.Shift, a United Kingdom-based organization that engages youth to combat global and social injustices. The organization argues that there is no public health rationale for “restricting liberty of movement or choice of residence on the grounds of HIV status.”

Ctrl.Alt.Shift project manager Neil Boorman told CNN that the bans and restrictions further the spread of the epidemic by driving the issue underground and forcing people to lie about their health on visa applications.