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U.S.-Led Efforts Show Great Progress in Combating HIV in Rakai, Uganda

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Pedro Torres

Circumcision doesn’t stop HIV For instance, Mozambique is one of countries with the highest HIV prevalence in adults. It’s a country where circumcision wasn’t a common practice. But, despite the many millions of dollars spent on preventing the spread of HIV, and having attained 63% circumcised men (age group 15 to 49) since VMMC implementation programs in a few years, the disease is continuing to advance in Mozambique. May 2017 Mozambique News Mozambique: HIV Prevalence Rate Rises in Mozambique

December 18, 2017

Genitally Mutilated Male

Once again a study bought and paid for by the corporations that make the circumcision devices. With a 40 billion dollar a year industry looking for new markets, Africa looked ripe for the picking. Just a few weeks ago there were articles saying that the number of men showing up to "voluntarily" have half the skin on their penis removed was far less than the goal. Now, a study just a few weeks later that says mutilating men has been a great success. I wasn't born on a farm, but can smell BS.

December 12, 2017

MGM Survivor

This is a typical cut and paste press release of a major medical supply manufacturer or pharmaceutical company press release. These for profit companies pay for studies to prove their products work. They hide behind the vale of university researchers and medical doctors desperate for grant money. When the corporations get the results they want, they publish. When they get "bad" results they simply don't publish the results. Men are being needlessly mutilated . reCaptcha sucks.

December 6, 2017


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