As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Philadelphia, AIDS activists staged a tug-of-war protest at Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters in the City of Brotherly Love. Why? “For her refusal to renew her 2008 campaign pledges to regulate the price-gouging of medicines made by major pharmaceutical companies like Gilead and Pfizer,” according to a press release by the New York and Philadelphia chapters of ACT UP.

Joining ACT UP was Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, a student watchdog group.

Part of the protest depicted a tug-of-war over who could influence Clinton, with the activists pitted against “greedy pharmabro’s (male pharmaceutical official)” such as Martin Shkreli.

ACT UP points out that pharmaceutical companies use taxpayer funds to develop the drugs but then charge consumers high prices for the meds. “Hillary Clinton must provide concrete solutions for pharmaceutical price-gouging and challenge the current patent system for drugs that Americans pay for with their taxes,” said Brandon Cuicchi of ACT UP New York in the press release.

Below is a video of the protest: