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Back in the Driver's Seat

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"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!". I'm currently in "a similar situation", well, i ain't homeless not on drugs or an alchololic, my life is in a "raise/fall", situation. I just got evicted from my apartment 3 months ago (long story), living in a room where i pay $ 85 a week, my car "shut down, on me, was heating up and smoking", i have a full time job, (THANK GOD) and now i have to depend on others to give me a ride to and from work. more to come.

June 21, 2012 n/a


Thank you Wayne on your story on your sweet comeback to life, my brother. I think you give hope to those who has given up on life and think that life is now over for them. You have shown them that life is what you make it. I commend you. Much love and sucess in your future. LALA

January 27, 2012 H'BURG MS


This is a beautiful story - I too am in recovery from addiction and surviving with HIV/HCV-coinfection. I've been taking interferon and ribavarin for 2 years now, and will be completing treatment for HCV in 2 weeks (now that I've finally been experiencing SSVR). Life gets better if I let it.

January 9, 2012


I am inspired by your comeback.I was infected by my exhusband 3 years ago. HIV. I am living a wonderful life also letting women know there is life after the virus also domestic abuse. 13 year survivor. i am so proud of you. so many will be touched by you.

January 6, 2012

Jaron Benjamin

to Deborah--I work with Wayne at VOCAL, and am a Tulsa native. I'm pulling for you and hoping that everything works out for the best!

January 4, 2012 Brooklyn

Deborah Sebring

I was diagnosed 5 years ago with cirrosis and 18 months laterI found out I had Hep c at a blood bank. I quit drinking a year after I was diagnosed with cirrosis and my liver enzymes have been normal ever since. My doctor doesn't want to put me on the treatment yet either.

January 3, 2012 Tulsa


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