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Yearning to Breathe Free

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But, Michael, if such ARV treatment isn't given to immigrants - legal or illegal - who can't afford them then some of those people might pass on HIV to others. Yes, it costs a lot, but we need to make and acquire the ARVs at much more reasonable costs. Add efficiency to production of ARVs. Refuse to pay big pharmas' excessive pricing. Take over production by the State if big pharma refuse. Trump or Johnson or whoever our leader is need to grow some balls.

October 7, 2019 UK


Larakim, yes, countries like NZ and Australia are very strict on immigration. They'd not accept us on age criteria either. And they'd turn us down if we had no profession,no money, if we were alcoholic, if we had a history of taking drugs, if we had had mental health issues, if we were sick in any way which might cost them. We should return the deed upon their citizens, too. Did they not even suggest that you might be able to migrate there if you agreed to fund your own HIV med costs?

October 7, 2019 UK


We are so blessed to have (relative) wealth and access to health care and technology and financial resources in the United States. Presenting at the border and requesting asylum is not "illegally entering", it's the way one is supposed to request asylum. I'm continually shocked at the lack of empathy for those escaping horrific treatment in other countries due to domestic abuse, discrimination due to sexual orientation & gender identity. Let them come, work, and share.

October 4, 2019 United States


Considering the limited resources available to US citizens to treat HIV, is there any concern that demanding treatment of people who choose to illegally enter our country will further erode available resources to our citizens?

October 1, 2019 Washington, DC


this is true for me, I am barred from immigration to New Zealand to live with my husband whom is a citizen by birth, and my son who is applying for residential status. U=U, I am not a threat and I believe that HIV is so much better controlled that other chronic illnesses

October 1, 2019 South Africa


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