Got over the local flavor of the week here in town, the nasal drip bug or whatever it actually was. Took well over a week to run it’s course, but one of the benefits of being a stay at home (not by choice) HIV educator is that it gives me an ample amount of time to get better when illness occurs.

The timing kind of sucked, because I was on tap to make some announcements for the Charlottesville AIDS Walk, which happened the weekend before last.  I had to bow out because my throat was hurting and the cold, 7 AM air would not have been kind to me.  The good news is that they had an excellent fill in with Peter, the executive director of the local AIDS Service Organization, and the Walk itself was a very successful fundraiser, bringing in over $20,000 that will help local people with HIV/AIDS.

Speaking of AIDS Walks, my own AIDS Walk team took this year off. Team Supersnack has so many members in so many different areas, with young families being started and new careers being embarked upon. But next year, we return with force to kick AIDS in the balls. I’d loooooooove to have the gang come to my own backyard of Charlottesville next year. Might have to put on my lemon suit and leverage my mascot status.

Hope this message finds you all free of coughs and sniffles.

Positively Yours,