Tyne Firmin and Charles Sanchez explain why you should love Merce. To donate go here!

Two years ago I heard about a humorous, web-based series centered around a lead character with HIV. The series, Merce, became a reality and the first season was a campy, hilarious and- at times- heart-wrenching hit, providing a clever glimpse into the life of a single man with HIV, guided by brilliant original musical numbers and a cast of colorful characters.

Not content to sing and dance into the night, co-creators Charles Sanchez (who plays the lead role of “Merce”) and Tyne Firmin (who plays Merce’s mom, “Mama”) are looking to go a little bit bigger and brighter for Season Two. And they have until the end of August to meet their fundraising goal. You can watch all of Season One at MerceTV.com, which is well worth your time and consideration of supporting the future of this series.

I caught up with Charles on Facebook and fired off a few questions earlier today. Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite Merce moment from Season 1?

There are so many amazing experiences about much that I can’t really picture one moment. The whole thing was miraculous, almost like it was happening without me! From the cast to the crew, the way we shot all of it was just wonderful. I think one of the things that surprised me most was my own performance. I actually liked me in the show. And that surprised me! I’m usually my own worst critic.

What was the most interesting reaction to the show?

I think the most interesting reaction is when people have said that they were prepared not to like it. And then surprised when they loved it! That happened often.

That’s great- to turn someone around completely like that. Oh, I gotta know... any spoilers for Season 2?

Well I don’t want to give too much away. But I will say that Merce not only will have his Mama, but also his Aunt Bless, played by Mark S. King! And there’s a wonderful homage to Steel Magnolias that I’m terrifically proud of.

Terrific. And Tyne is hilarious as Mama- can’t wait to see Mark as Aunt Bless. Thanks so much, Charles!