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Cipha Sounds Off: Fire Him Up, Yes - Fire Him, No!

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The Cipha DJ is just reflecting the thoughts of his peers... Seems like most of American society. The stigma is not just with Haitians but with people of African descent. Sadly no one reports the facts about the human sex trafficking of Haiti by of its neighbor, The Dominican Republic... The mediator in Haitian sex, survent trafficking.(I don't doubt that France and Haiti officials are involved either.) Black bodies for sex. Bodies shipped all over the planet to primarily affluent Euro-pervs. Who's sexin who? Do a study on that, and it is not merely speculation

December 29, 2010

Frederick Wright

Wow, New York City is always stiring up the pot. Here in the South if it was spoken of such a back ward statment then folks might just say to them self, so logical. But truly this statment went to the root of mean words focusing at women everwhere and all HIV folks and the need for more to communicate in a sensitive manner. I do not think he should be shuned,outcasted and kick to the gutter ever those it might help him understand some HIV peoples journey, However I do think from his heart he should take some Haitian women out to dinner and look them in the eyes and ask for forgiveness. I also think it would be great if every month he would do a segment on learning to love HIV people with full hearted committment in his soul to repent from this hurtful statement, for these kinds of statments can case suicides,anger,hate and confussion to and already wounded HIV person and much more. I prayer for that not to be so. I also think a lot of folks have their head in the sand on the streets concerning HIV for many think if you suggest using a condom then the one suggesting are HIV and that is the limit of their prevent. Honest and Real conversation is still needed in this effort to educate people of loving one's nieghbor and not judging a person journey.

December 27, 2010


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