The storied history of my Make-A-Wish Foundation encounter with Depeche Mode at age 14 has been well documented on this blog, yet the picture is too cool not to post every time I reference this proud moment in my life.

That’s me in the white hat- you can’t see it, but it says “Surfin’ USA” on it.  Yes, I regret wearing it to meet the Beatles of electronic music.


This meeting was in 1990.  By the mid-90’s, lead singer Dave Gahan was battling a massive drug problem, and it looked like I was in danger of outliving my wishee. Since then, I’ve gotten more comfortable with the prospect of outliving Dave, figuring we’ll both kick the bucket from natural causes after living fruitful, happy lives.  Another thing I’ve figured is that, every three or four years, Depeche Mode will be touring, and I’ll get to go see them.

On their most recent tour, however, Dave has had some health issues. Nothing drug related- he’s been clean for years now-, just a bombardment of malfunctions that included a bladder tumor and, more, recently a torn calve muscle.  Needless to say, it’s been a rough tour cycle for the Depeche Mode frontman.

So it is with much sincerity that I wish Dave a speedy recovery.  He was very kind in 1990, and very kind again in 2001 when I was able to get that original photo signed.  From a Make-A-Wish kid, I’m sending positive healing vibes your way.

Positively Yours,


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