The walking punchline, Donald Trump Jr.—who is indistinguishable from SNL’s parody portrayal—has chimed in on sex where HIV is concerned. And needlessly to say, his thoughts and words are based in misinformation and cruelty; the Trump trademark perfected by the man whom his name and bedside manner were passed down from.

RT-D2 retweeted a Queerty article written by David Hudson, a thoughtful piece entitled “What You Stand to Lose By Not Having Sex With Someone With HIV.”. In it, Hudson marvels at longterm sero-discordant couples; not because of HIV. "I’m always impressed and inspired by any longterm couples," he writes. It’s a follow-up piece to an article he wrote in defense of people with HIV who are rejected on dating apps solely because of their HIV status. There’s so much information out there, from PrEP to U=U, and I suppose that anyone who is willing to post their positive HIV status in their profile is also willing to help educate someone (about HIV and great sex) if only given the chance.

But Don Jr.? His hot take on "What You Stand to Lose By Not Having Sex With Someone With HIV," which I doubt he actually read, was: “Well I can think of one thing.”

Junior failed to elaborate any further, and his loathsome following of frothing man-children on Twitter had a field day with this one. Even if PrEP, U=U and the most basic information about HIV had somehow miraculously made it to this lot, their glee in the President’s son really putting it to people with HIV would.... er.... trump their instinct to rationally think about something with an open mind and heart. Nope, it’s all about the trollin’.

In his recent memoir, Triggered, Junior was surprisingly honest about his own shortcomings as a lover:

“When Marla said that dad was the best sex she’d ever had, and that was printed for the world to see at the behest of my father in a harmless attempt to get back at mom, it put a lot of pressure on me. Dating was always tough because of my confident personality and unwillingness to back down from an argument, regardless of who was right and who was wrong. So I didn’t really need any extra hurdles in life to jump over, especially when I was trying to get laid. For me, sex was about having an orgasm as slow or fast as I wanted to. Though her words conjured up visions that caused many a sleepless night, Marla’s observations and recognition of my father’s formidable sexual prowess made me realize that the other person’s experience existed: a thought that had never occurred to me before.”

OK, maybe that wasn’t actually in his book...

Either way, when I saw his tweet I didn’t get angry. I wasn’t surprised. His family has had a rough week and, by all accounts, Junior has been a dickhead for most of his adult life. And right now, more than ever, he is probably following every idiotic impulse he has in order to avoid letting any truth sink in. Junior’s in denial. And, if another aspect of the Trump trademark has been passed down—the inability to maintain a long relationship or conversation—then we should all see his words about people with HIV and let out a collective sigh of relief. Because the next time he is single and looking to mingle, nobody with HIV will have to worry about this little prick blowing up their DMs.

Positively Yours,