In the latest episode of South Park, Eric Carman gets HIV from a blood transfusion during a tonsillectomy gone horribly wrong. (“One in a billion chance,” the doctor says of his infection, before offering him some ice cream.)


There’s a poorly attended fundraiser for Cartman, but even Elton John stiffs him, opting to sing at a cancer fundraiser instead. Jimmy Buffet fills in, singing “AIDSburger in Paradise”. And when his buddy, Kyle laughs at him for dramatizing his diagnosis, Cartman wants to show him that it’s not right to laugh at someone for having HIV...

So what does he do? He injects his friend in the lip with HIV.

But don’t worry, they are cured soon thereafter by injecting money into their blood stream. Anyone who has seen the cost of HIV medications firsthand can relate to that.

Did Cartman handle his brief existence with HIV in the best way? Probably not, but his brave battle did not go unnoticed here. I made him this t-shirt as a token of my support since, as he learned, AIDS just isn’t the cool cause anymore.

Positively Yours,



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