Sunday I started feeling better, and it wasn’t because I woke up feeling like a winner for picking a winner in Caressa Cameron for Miss Virginia, photographed here by the lovely and talented Julius Tolentino.  (Caitlin Uze, also in my pageant poster, finished at 2nd runner-up, respectively.)

caressa-miss-va-2009.jpgI decided that after 8 full days of limiting my outdoors activity to a couple of iced mocha runs, I needed to just live my life.  I wasn’t being rogue about it; I wasn’t contagious, nor did I feel like being out would make me feel worse.  And the proactive plan worked. 

On Sunday I had band practice and made it through the entire 45-minute set-, and then on Monday I got some Sun at friend’s pool and went to pool league where I almost won my match.

You’re probably thinking, "Yeah, your health is back on track- great.  But what happened with your other prediction, that wrestling match involving your 2008 Person of the Year, The Miz?" 

Well, The Miz got flattened on Sunday at the wrestling pay per view in five minutes.  But on the USA Network the following night, he beat the hell out of John Cena for about 15 minutes before losing... it was awesome!  I know that the genius of my 2008 Person of the Year pick won’t be universally accepted for many years, but the Miz is having a far better year than even I could have imagined.

As for the Weekend of RedempShawn big winner, Miss Virginia 2009 Caressa Cameron, positoids can rejoice- her platform issue is HIV/AIDS Awareness!  Pretty damn cool.  She and her mother have worked for quite a few years for the cause, and I hope to work with Caressa a lot in the next twelve months and beyond in our home state/commonwealth of Virginia.

All in all, I’m just happy to not be sick.  Even if I don’t have a cool crown... at least not yet.

Positively Yours,

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