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Finally prosecuted by the State Attorney

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michael easter jr

Louis I commend you on your crussade here. All I can say is I believe you! I believe in you! Lets just say for arguments sake that you didn't. Disclose your status ... we are all responsible for not only others....BUT......also for OURSELVES. So the other party involved needs to take their responsabliity too. You didn't simply just give some one Hiv the took a risk in this too they could have insisted on consume or even wore them themselves. Better yet if they where that concerned about Hiv they could have simply abstained from sex Keep on fighting. You can come here to Pittsburgh and live my house is big enough for another person. You have a friend here in PA.

May 22, 2012

Belay Asmare

i want the man who suport me

April 24, 2012

Ed T.

Hi Louis, Bless you. I have been through the emotions of a law suit, do I have some understanding of what you are going through. It sounds like you are finding your strength. In addition to support from others what helped me with the emotions was lots of exercise with lots of deep breathing exercises. Endless blessings to you.

April 21, 2012


Dear Louis. I thought your trial was finished by this time. Can you please update us as soon as this happens? Best of luck!

April 17, 2012

jelly bean


April 14, 2012


It's all about money (anti-retrovirals, prosecutions) and demonizing sexuality in general, as well as the LGBT community. More people have and die in the United States from Hepatitis C than from H.I.V. I don't see any prosecutions happening from transmitting HCV (which is also sexually transmitted). Moreover, they are incredibly close to a complete cure with H.I.V. utilizing SB-728-T. It has also been stated that almost anyone who is compliant in taking anti-retrovirals can achieve viral control under the currently available therapies. Anyone engaging in sexual activity is intelligent enough to know the risks and the dangers. In a medical setting, the order of the day is 'Universal Precautions' against all blood borne pathogens. Using the ideology of: "it takes two to tango" one would think it applied to the larger society as well. In the United States laws concerning transmission vary from state to state; is that really justice?

April 4, 2012


After reading peoples comments, I really can't believe the world is still so backwards with respect to HIV. It's actually mind-blowing.

April 3, 2012

Patrick in Dallas

Hello Louis, It sounds like the catch-22 I encountered after 20 years with American Airlines. They didn't take issue with my being positive or my AIDS diagnosis however when I got really sick and couldn't return to my regular position, They decided to put a restriction on my return to work. I had to return at 100%. No light or transitional duty, Only a full release with no restrictions. There are dozens of jobs that I could have done with my 20 years experience and seniority. I was told that no accommodations could be made or would be made in my case and that unless I made a 100% recovery I was not allowed to return to the airport. Mind you I'm NOT an F/A...I worked on the ramp. I could have gone bag room or cabin service, for example that is a little less physically demanding...The answer was still a NO. Good luck to you, I hope everything works out for you.

April 3, 2012


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