I spend a lot of time on Facebook, and one of the features is that there is a big (or little) list of peoples’ birthdays, which are either happening, or coming up in the next few days. Occasionally I look at it- sometimes by accident, and will then go post on somebody’s page- “Happy birthday!”

With the internet ever-present these days, I think it’s important for those of us who are “plugged in” to unplug every once in a while.  I struggle with that sometimes, since a quick check of my cyber status is always in my pocket on the iPhone... no, wait, I never put it in my pocket, because it would take too long to get it out- needs to be sitting right there in front of me...

See what I’m saying?

Either way, I digress. 

I’m sure I miss a lot of key birthdays and am never the wiser for it.  But that’s okay, because the key ones wouldn’t begrudge me for not posting on their Facebook page.  Yesterday I was caught up in the Wrestlemania madness, which meant I was online less, and not for the self-preservation reasons mentioned above.  In being out of the cyber-loop, I missed Dab Garner’s birthday. 

Dab is known in the AIDS community and beyond as the founder of the Dab the AIDS Bear Project, and is an all-around great guy.  He used cute bears and a winning personality to raise awareness about HIV, and inspire people who are already positive to use their talents to help in the cause.  He stays connected to the legislative battles that affect people with HIV as well.  I had the honor of meeting Dab in person last year during World AIDS Week in December, after getting to know him online.

Since I missed his birthday on Facebook, I didn’t want to miss an opportunity to give him a big, public “bear hug” (as he likes to doll out cyberly) here on the ol’ Poz blog.  Thanks for all you do, Dab.  Us positoids and negatoids are real lucky to have ya.

Positively Yours,

Happy birthday to everyone on Facebook (and beyond) who has been- or will soon be- offended that I missed their birthday.

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