The HIV League is excited to announce the launch of The HIV League Scholarship, the most significant national scholarship for college students living with HIV.

The HIV League has been in existence for a full year, and we have been hard at work developing what The HIV League Scholarship will look like, along with fundraising every single dollar that has been put into the scholarship program. Because of the hard work and dedication from many individuals across The United States, The HIV League has fully funded two $7,000 scholarships for students living with HIV.

Now is the moment we have all been anxiously awaiting. The HIV League Scholarship application is now open and will remain open for two full months so potential recipients will have the opportunity to submit an application. We would love for you to visit so you can see if you are possibly eligible to receive this award and so that you can also spread the word about this amazing opportunity for many students across The United States.

The HIV League’s mission is to empower the HIV Community through scholarship, wellness, and education. We wholeheartedly believe in this mission, and we’re seeing that many other members of the HIV Community across the nation, those who are HIV-Positive and acting on their wellness along with those who are HIV-Negative and are advocating for the well-being of those living with HIV, are extremely passionate about this mission as well.

The success of The HIV League Scholarship is not only because of the selfless volunteerism from our Board of Directors and CEO, but it’s already a successful program because of the generosity from all of The HIV League’s supporters. If you would like to support one of the newest programs for those living with HIV here in The United States, please click HERE to see how you can contribute to the empowerment of The HIV Community.

We are so glad to be making an impact within the HIV Community, one of the strongest, most resilient communities this country has ever seen, and we cannot wait for you to be a part of the movement.