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How an HIV Science Breakthrough Took Away My Fear and Shame

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Next year I'll have been poz for 30 years. I passed my "halfway" point a couple years ago, when I'd been poz as long as I had been uninfected previously. Last year, when the news of U=U reached me, it changed my life. I'd buried my last partner in 2008 (of an opioid OD, not AIDS related) and withdrew from the world for 8 years, unwilling to even consider dating or sex. Once I knew I was no longer Typhoid Mary, I began to date again and I've been seeing the same guy for a year this month!

December 1, 2017 Midwest


Thanks for sharing your story. As a heterosexual woman, U=U is very important to me as well, particularly since my husband is negative. But like you said, not enough is being said about this breakthrough. We all need to speak out. I'll be speaking on this, as well as the need for universal testing, at a World AIDS Day event.

November 23, 2017 California


The website listed above is incorrect: it should be ... that being said, this testament is heartwarming and real. White I never sank to the despair of the writer, I did feel a terrible stigma for years in my daily life and especially my dating life. Now that we KNOW that U=U we need to work hard getting HIV decriminalized and continue the efforts to reach everyone still struggling with HIV to attain undetectable status whenever possible.

November 23, 2017 san francisco


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