It started Friday afternoon at work and continued through the weekend. I thought at first it was the flu, but I recently received a flu shot. Then, I realized?aha!?it was food poisoning from that darn sandwich I had for lunch on Friday (and it wasn’t even that good).dangersign.jpg

I’ll spare everyone the gory details, but suffice it to say that it was hideous. I didn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, etc. My body hadn’t been that miserable in years (my mind, well, that’s another matter).

It’s true that simply being HIV positive is a constant reminder to my psyche of my mortality. However, it’s also true that I’ve been fortunate in not having too many physical discomforts as a result of my HIV diagnosis in 1992.

I’ve always thanked the universe for my general good health (despite my HIV and a few genetic predispositions to diseases lurking in my DNA, which I expect to live long enough to have to contend with eventually).

Nonetheless, being sick this weekend was a powerful reminder for me to remain grateful to the universe for being spared so far from the worst of HIV disease.