I haven’t been writing much about writing my next book, because nothing’s worse than reading about someone who is writing. It terms of lack of excitement, it’s second only to watching someone write.

That writ, I have to set up the abject horror I experience yesterday by letting you know that I’ve been writing a ton for my new book, going to a secret spot every weekday with my trusty 2000 iBook... yeah, you see where this one is headed.

So yesterday I arrive at the same locale, and the computer won’t boot up. The way it went down, I wasn’t too worried about losing all my stuff, but then as I packed up, headed home, and thought of who I should call to bail me out, I panicked: nothing was backed up.

Yes, over 20,000? roughly 1/5 of the new book? was not backed up. That, of course, is entirely my fault. See, my iBook is so old it doesn’t even have a CD burner in it, so I only thought of backing up when I was writing and out of the house. When I got home, I quickly put the computer away as not to obsess over the writing, thus forgetting to back up.

I sent out a frantic MySpace bulletin, then called a friend in the neighborhood with extensive Mac skills. Within 10 seconds I heard nothing back (followed by many kind messages giving me some info, thanks!), so I got my things together and was about to make the 1-hour trek to Short Pump: the site of the nearest Mac store. I was prepared to do things? even terrible things to get someone at the Genius Bar to take a look at the computer.

“I have AIDS, so, needless to say, I’m kind of in a hurry here.”

I know, I don’t use scare tactics. But I was desperate.

Just as I walked out of the house, my phone vibrated: it was my tech friend, he was coming over in 5 minutes.

He arrived, and like a surgeon he started to set up shop on the couch. He had a little spindle of discs, but each time he put one in he’d say, “Oh no,” then go to the next one and repeat. “I don’t care about the computer, just one Word file that’s on there...”

When he “jumped” the computer, firewiring his in, he could access the files and burn them onto disc via the revolutionary CD-burning technologies his laptop had. The day was saved. The book was saved. I need a new computer.

Positively Yours,

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