gwennwithbaby.jpg On Monday we met our new niece, Helayna. She was napping the whole time, just chillin’ out. She didn’t have “old-man baby-face”, like most newborns. I complemented her on this.

Yesterday Gwenn and I drove up to Pennsylvania from Virginia to speak at Bucknell University. We’d been there years ago, when we first started speaking, and this time it was to just about the same amount of students: close to 1,000.

The one question we’ve gotten- without fail- is the question as to whether or not we can have kids. Once that is answered in the affirmative, thanks to sperm-washing, we tackle the question of whether we want to have kids. I crack a joke, Gwenn cracks a joke, and we usually settle on the long-off thought of getting a cat someday.

As of now, I don’t think it will happen. The kid, not the cat. I love my life the way it is, and aspire to make the current model better, which includes educating with Gwenn about HIV, finishing my vampire book and continuing to write synthpop music.

But rationally thinking, there have been many things I thought I’d never do, the most shocking- to myself- of which was my decision to go public with HIV. At some point, we may want to change things up, particularly if we get bored of focusing so much of our attention on ourselves. (Speaking personally, I don’t think that will happen. I’m somewhat self-absorbed if you haven’t noticed.)

Still, I never count anything out. Life is much more fun if you let things come to you when you are ready. And right now? I’m more than happy to be an uncle again.

Positively Yours,