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Kim Burrell Is My Mother

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Kim Burrell is a dangerous woman. She speaks with Christianity in her heart, but only speaks of hate! I'm not a practicing Christian, because of people like her! She literally deals sheep into a life of demonizing other for something they can't help, while belittling those that choose to have a healthy relationship, with those they love! I live a heterosexual life style, but people like her demonize me for having sex outside of a marriage. In my eyes, I'm no different than the gays she's

January 17, 2017 United States


When You Give Creedence To Creatures Like That They Win, Until This Morning I Didn't Know Who The Bitch Was & Wish I Didn't Now!! Careful What U Put In, You Can Never Take It Out!!!

January 17, 2017


As a white person born and raised in the South, coming out was very hard too. The article reflects a lot of what I put up with the Baptist church I had to attend with my mom and grandparents. It's no wonder to this day I have a disdain for that religion. My heart goes out to any one that's had to deal with this sort of thing regardless of faith or skin color or sexual orientation. Blessings.

January 12, 2017 RWC, CA USA

Dana Williams

I am a Straight Black Woman that is Hiv Positive and for me to hear such hate coming from a Black Woman that supposed to be a Woman of God and saying that Hiv is a punishment from god, well she needs prayers as well and I am ashamed of her.

January 12, 2017 Austin Txs


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