Thanks for all the messages on Facebook, email, twitter, cyberverse regarding yesterday’s blog post. I’ve been feeling much better the last couple of weeks and am glad I posted about what’s been going on.

Since I’m writing about all things personal, I felt compelled to share a site that has brought Gwenn and I much joy over the last week.  Banana Republic is working with the hit TV show Mad Men (hilariously spoofed here by Ben Hoffman of my favorite TV show, Infomania), who is putting on a contest inviting people to dress up in the style of the television show for a chance to have a walk on role.

Pretty simple, right?

Well, check out the entries.  People submit- or friends submit their friends unknowingly- with the most random photos.  Some are senior portraits, others are actor’s headshots, a lot are just dudes holding martini glasses and wearing a modern (meaning mid 1990’s) suit.  The loudest laughs I’ve had recently have been scrolling through this site... and so far, this guy is my favorite.  His name is Charlie, and I’m endorsing him to be on the show that I don’t watch, but Gwenn does. 

To vote for Charlie, just click on his picture.


And a big thanks to Bob G. for the pick-me-up iced mocha. Maybe I should submit this picture to the contest? Nothing says early 1960’s businessman like a safer sex shirt and an iced espresso drink. thanksbobg.jpg Positively Yours,


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