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Managing Meds While on Vacation

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Aundaray Guess

Nik thanks for your comment and you make some good points, but I come away reading it that everyone has a different process when dealing with this disease and learned that in the telling of my story I'm not only human but also I'm not perfect.

March 25, 2011

Nik Bramblett

To me, that seems silly. I'm on vacation in Florida (about 600 miles from where I live, in Charlotte, NC) and I can pretty much guarantee that I won't miss a dose or screw up my time schedule. I've been on a twice-a-day HAART regimen for about two years, and ya know, there are some things you can blow off and some things you just don't. I had my meds shipped from my pharmacy by UPS to a different address than usual, and I have one of those little "pill minder" things that I carry with me when I travel, and when it's 10am or 10pm it really doesn't matter what else I'm doing, I stop and take my meds. I take Truvada in the evenings, and it makes me really dizzy so I usually only take it right before bed. But frankly, oh well. Complaining about maintaining a crucial regimen like this author is doing just strikes me as lazy and irresponsible. You're right-- "HIV doesn't take a vacation..." so you just have to do what you have to do. And really, who cares whether it's convenient or not? This is NOT something you can just blow off. And if you adopt the attitude that it's not a bit optional, really, it's not hard to remember. If you drop pills out of your pocket when you take your hand out of your pocket, use a damn baggie. If you have trouble remembering to take your meds when you've been drinking, then don't drink. It's really that simple. No excuses, and again-- it's not optional. To me, that's the basic difference that distinguishes grown-ups.

March 23, 2011


As I was searching through blogs and all I came across yours and I really can say I know what you talking about you do kinda change your time schedule to taking your medicine well being that I am too HIV+ I get frustrated and tired of poppin' a pill just to live I really do feel different and sometimes out of place but I still keep a smile on my face and keep it real with myself and others I don't have alot of friends and really am glad I found this site because maybe I will find a good friend near me or even a little distance from me it really does not matter to me that much as long as he is willing to travel to me. But the part when you say u need a break from taking the medicine well in that case we cannot take a break and even if you are on vaccation please take your medication and then be on your way to doing whatever you are doing but your health comes first I myself have only missed like maybe 1 or 2 0r 3 times to where I was late taking my meds but I learn from that and do better because I want to live that is all the more reason I do it. Sorry I write so long but I got alot on my mind.

March 20, 2011


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