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Michael Loves Tyler: A Very Modern HIV Romance

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It is wonderful that members of the homosexual community can just go on with their lives as usual after being infected. It really is. That's a common theme on this site and others but far from breaking news. Great for Mike n Ty. But Mark S. King can you or one of the other poz writers please write an article about the hetro love story of a Female white, educated, successful, attractive minority, like myself, who's life ended after sleeping with one person, out of a handful, who happened to infect her? No ones ever heard that story. Surely, that would be breaking news.

October 25, 2014

Sheila G.

Glad you both are finding love with each other and believe me when I say LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!!!! Much happiness and well wishes to you both Michael and Tyler. Sheila G. from Indy IN

October 21, 2014


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