The MTV Staying Alive Foundation is a juggernaut in the battle against HIV and the stigma that surrounds the epidemic. For two decades, they’ve been providing grants to young people all over the world to implement creative and effective HIV prevention strategies in their communities. In addition to such targeted efforts, the Foundation also presents the dynamically engaging scripted series, MTV Shuga, which includes HIV as a central plot point in the main character’s lives... it achieves that rare balance of educating and entertaining at the same time.

So it’s no surprise that, in response to the current climate surrounding COVID-19, that the MTV Staying Alive Foundation is utilizing Shuga and their global partners to educate about coronavirus, delivering effective coronavirus messaging to young people across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

Georgia Arnold, the executive director of MTV Staying Alive, said the following in regard to the response: "MTV Shuga has always believed in educating and engaging young audiences on real issues. MTV Shuga Alone Together continues this trend at a time when education and information in stopping the spread of COVID-19 are needed the most. By using popular culture, relatable storylines and the talents of some of Africa’s strongest actors, we are determined to reinforce the crucial messages which will contain the outbreak.”

Once again, I’m as positive as positive can be that MTV Staying Alive will minimize harm and open eyes, ears and hearts in order to confront a misunderstood viral challenge. As someone with a sweet tooth and an increasing desire for good news, I’ll say what I always say.

Pass the Shuga, please.

Positively Yours,