One of my proudest accomplishments as an HIV edu-tainer has been my work with Steve Schalchlin as the Hemo2Homo Connection, the AIDS community’s answer to Ebert & Mr. Roeper. 

We’ve been laying low recently, after an excellent 2009 that saw us review such stellar films as Wolverine, Star Trek and Watchmen.  By “review”, I mean watch the movies and turn everything we see into an excuse to talk about our HIV positive status. Or make fun of one another.  My dream is to have some intelligent publisher turn all of our reviews into a coffee table book.  But I regress- this update is about what Steve has been up to and how you can support him in his current artistic endeavor. 

Steve’s partner, Jim Brochu, (pictured here looking awesome) is starring in their off-Broadway play, Zero Hour, which is about the great Broadway and film actor, Zero Mostel, also known as “the fat guy in The Producers.” It’s receiving rave reviews, here’s a video of Robert Osborne from Turner Classic Movies talking about Zero Hour:
Steve’s been so kind to pass along this discounted offer to readers of my blog.  You are so welcome!  I love Steve, he’s been such an influence in my life- if you like theater take him up on this offer, and say hi to him for me.

Holiday Discount code. Limited time only! ZHGEN29 On-sale NOW thru 4/11/10 for all performances thru 4/25/10. Only $29.50. Call NOW and give the code: 212-239- 6200.
(Zero Hour is playing at the DR2 in Union Square.)

Positively Yours,