My buddies over at One Condoms are celebrating their big splash in getting Target distribution by giving away 1,000,000 free songs- I’m honored that Synthetic Division is among the bands whose music they will be sharing.


To get your free song, simply do one of the following things via
  • Signing up for their mailing list
  • Becoming a Fan of One Condoms on Facebook
  • Following @onecondoms on Twitter
  • Signing a Safer Sex Oath
  • Filling out a Sex Survey
  • Touch Shawn’s Balls
Okay, I stuck the last one in to see if you were paying attention.  One Condoms can’t help you out on that last item, but do take them up on their offer for a free song.  They provide lots of cool bands and musicians with free condoms that are passed out on tour (much like Synthetic Division did on the recent tour with Bella Morte).  I’m sure the bands feel the same way as I do about returning the kindness of One Condoms and giving away a free song.

Enjoy, hope everyone has a good weekend!

Positively Yours,

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