A postcard from POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE 2013

Postcards Get Me Closer

- Ted Kerr, Visual AIDS Program Manager

Long before I got to Visual AIDS I made postcards for the annual Postcard from the Edge event. I remember sending it from my home in Edmonton AB Canada and thinking about it being on the wall next to work by Yoko Ono, Kara Walker, aa Bronson and many others. I was giddy thinking about how my art was rubbing shoulders with the greats, and how though donating an artwork I was helping an organization I believed in. It made me feel connected to a history and a world I wanted to be in.  


Fast forward a few years later I am part of a group of volunteers, staff and interns burning the candle at both ends to ensure our 15th annual PFTE goes off without a hitch. The office is full of postcards, exhibition hanging tools, and party supplies. How exciting. Now the community that felt so far away is part of my everyday experience. Together we are raising money to support artists living with HIV, and the work of using art to remind the world that AIDS is not over.


Back when I was in Edmonton I remember how I would pour over the photos of the event once they were put online. I would look to see if I could spot my postcards, and scan the crowd to see if I recognized anyone. Now, my favorite part of the event is walking around and thinking about how over 1400 people made time to create a work and think about HIV. I know it is not enough to end the epidemic. But it gives me hope.

- Ted Kerr, programs manager


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