Who’s using POZ Personals? How will I find my match if there’s no one in my area? To help answer these and some of the other common questions that are sent to the POZ Personals help desk, we’d like to share some of our user information.

Every state—plus the District of Columbia—is represented in POZ Personals. Here are the largest and smallest 10 states ranked in descending order according to number of active members.

POZ Personals States Breakdown June 2018

Other common questions include “Where are all the gay members?” and “Where are all the straight members?” Not to worry, POZ Personals has plenty of gay and straight and male and female users, as shown in these charts.

POZ Personals Orientation Breakdown June 2018

POZ Personals Gender Breakdown June 2018

What about age? Many members want to know whether people their age are using POZ Personals. We’ve got that covered too. From 18 and up, we have plenty of members across the various age groups.

POZ Personals Age Breakdown June 2018

POZ Personals users also represent many ethnicities and races.

POZ Personals Ethnicity Breakdown June 2018

POZ Personals currently has active members in 187 different countries. Our new search algorithms make it easier than ever to find members near you—even if you’re outside the U.S. Here are the top 10 countries represented by active members in descending order.

POZ Personals International Breakdown June 2018