Custom designed rings for David & Johnny Lester-Massey/ by Atlanta West Jewelry

Never allow anyone to tell you what you cannot have! In life we all have decisions to make, some move us forward and others can create setbacks. It’s funny how we all create goals for ourselves whether knowingly or not. We always said when we walked down the aisle we wanted to “Do It Right” and with the right person. We are  “Create the Life You Want” type of people and that’s not every one’s story. Some may lack the courage others may lack the know how! Nowadays with so many opinions around so many issues many miss “Soul Connections!” Looks can fade finances can come and go but finding someone that can cover your mind, body, and spirit is PRICELESS! 6/21/19 we made it official and 11/29/19 we invited our circle into our union. Our goal was never to be a template but God continues to provide the stage for us to educate on love! March/April 2020 we invite the world to share our cover story with an amazing outlet that we will announce soon! “We’re a WHOLE HUSBAND!”

~ The Lester-Massey’s

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