NMAC has decided to hit “pause” on the deadlines for scholarships and abstracts for the 2020 United States Conference in HIV/AIDS (USCHA). In fact we are hitting “pause” for the meeting. Attendees can still submit abstracts or scholarship requests but, until we have a final date for the meeting, there are no hard deadlines at this time.

USCHA will happen. It’s just not clear if it will be in 2020 or 2021. Like everyone, we are confused about the best way to proceed. While we want to see everyone, safety is a priority. Until there are established guidelines for holding large in-person meetings, NMAC will hit “pause” on the conference. However, we are still working and fighting to end the HIV epidemic in America. Our other programs, e-newsletters, policy positions, online resource materials, and online trainings will continue.

USCHA is six months from now and lots can change in that time. We just didn’t want anyone to feel pressured to fill out scholarship or abstracts now. Please be safe. Look to future e-newsletters for updates. I know that this is disappointing. Thank you for understanding.

Yours in the struggle,

Paul Kawata