Did you know that a person living with HIV who maintains an undetectable viral load through adherence to their prescribed medications CANNOT transmit HIV to their sexual partners--even without condoms?

This changes everything.

Undetectable=untransmittable (U=U) can and should change the way we think about health, prevention, transmission risk, intimacy, sex, reproductive options and more. Yet far too many people living with HIV are still not being told by their health care providers, including HIV specialists, what the top HIV researchers have known for years, and what the CDC recently published:

"people who take ART daily as prescribed and achieve and maintain an undetectable viral load have effectively no risk of sexually transmitting the virus to an HIV-negative partner."

Positive Women’s Network - USA is thrilled to release the second video in our interactive new multimedia series, #PWNCares, right in time for World AIDS Day.

In the video, set to be released November 28 (but you can check out the teaser above!), you will meet Stacy Jennings, Shyronn Jones and Tiommi Luckett, all women living with HIV, as they share what U=U has meant for them and how it has changed the way they look at HIV, relationships and themselves. 

We will be hosting an online Q&A session Tues., Nov. 28, at 1pm EST/10am PST with Stacy, Shyronn and Tiommi, as well as Dr. Benjamin Young, Chief Medical Officer of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care; Shannon Weber of HIVE: A Hub of Positive Reproductive and Sexual Health; and Bruce Richman, executive director and founding partner of Prevention Access (U=U) Campaign, to talk about what U=U means for people living with HIV, their partners (and potential partners), their plans for having families, and what it can mean for you! 

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