was launched recently to let the American people track how the $787 billion stimulus plan gets spent. I’m looking forward to tracking if and when any of it goes to HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and research.

According to the site, $59 billion is allotted to health care. There are no details yet on the site as to how that breaks down. The site promises, however, that “new information on the allocation of funds will be posted on as it becomes available.”

When $400 million for prevention of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV was dropped from the stimulus plan earlier this month, I became pessimistic about how seriously HIV/AIDS was going to be treated by the Obama administration. I’m now cautiously optimistic that it was an anomaly.

The New York Times reports that about $10 billion from the stimulus plan will go to the National Institutes of Health. Math has never been my friend, but I think that leaves $49 billion to be accounted for in the coming months. I hope that a nice piece of that pie lands on our plate.

Watch President Obama explain the mission of

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