The Bill for health care/insurance reform passed the House, up next is a vote in the Senate.  I’m sure you don’t come to Shawn’s Blog for all of your political news, but this has captured my attention as of late and I’d feel kind of toolish if I didn’t write about what was important to me.

This guy was happy, too, saw him while I was out enjoying my Decker’s Daily Coffee.

Last week I likened the vote for Virginia’s new governor to the airing of the re-envisioning of an early 1980’s sci-fi classic, V.  Well, I finally watched V to escape the Democrats limp showing at the polls, and I got hit over the head with some none-too-subversive political commentary.

For starters- it’s obvious that the aliens are evil.  They show up in every large city and broadcast a message in whatever language will get the point across depending on where they are.  The alien leader is female- as it would appear- and she is hot, which means the human race is pretty much doomed.  From there, for some reason, she has to turn to the American media to get their message across....

What, did the UFOs run out of fuel, or did the wide-screen TV on the bottom of their spacecrafts short out?

Anyway, from there it became apparent that they came because they fear our half-black president.  There, I said it.  “They are offering hope,” one wide-eyed teen says to his mother, who doesn’t get why he’s jumped on this aliens-are-here bandwagon.  Crazy kids and their gullibility!  Then, when the hot alien leader lands an interview with Scott Wolf, presumably of the Today Show, she says they want to cure humans of their ailments with their new-fangled alien technologies.

Cool, no more hemophilia and AIDS.  I’m down with that. 

But before I could imagine a life without my medical Achille’s heels, the line came:  “You mean, universal health care?”  Which is, quite obviously, evil.  Us humans survive because we allow a large portion of our species to die off.  I’m being sarcastic.  But I was right- this time I was pulling for the aliens, especially since humans wrote this garbage.  And, in terms of watching more, I’ll be pulling the plug on the new V, now having to pluck down money to see the aliens really get us good in the new alien abduction movie, the Fourth Kind.

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