Check out Regan Hofmann’s article on the Huffington Post, “The Alarming State of AIDS in America”. In it she writes:

“The critical questions are: Who can, will and is responsible for funding the survival of low-income Americans with HIV? The federal government (by tapping HHS stimulus dollars)? State governments? Pharmaceutical companies (by dropping drug prices or offering higher rebates)? All of the above? While the various groups duke it out, people with HIV are at risk for getting sick and dying.”

The recent push for budget cuts is a real threat to people with HIV who desperately needs services provided by federal funding, including AIDS Drug Assistance Programs, which I will continue to blog about.  It’s all very heavy and disconcerting stuff, but we must all be aware of it- if you are reading this blog you care about the issue on some level, and now’s the time to get involved.  Your congressman and women, whether they are (D) or (R), need to hear your voice.

As a way of saying thank you for raising your voice on the critical issue of ADAP funding, I give you the starting line-up for this year’s Puppy Bowl VII!  By the way, I lose like $50 on this game every year; the rules are never really defined, it’s chaos but I only have myself to blame I guess.


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