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Remembering Stephen Gendin

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Bob Hitt

What a difficult time to remember Stephen. Stephen and I were friends in the late 80's when he went through the Buddy Training Program at Rhode Island Project AIDS. Stephen was, as you say, a trusted and loyal friend...and for as wild as he could get, I will never lose the image of him sprawled out on my living room floor to nap after dinner! I was thinking of Stephen last week as the State of RI and HIV providers negotiated the terms of their new ADAP waiting list. Stephen would get right on this... and for as sad as the waiting list is, all I could remember was the evening news reporting that Stephen Gendin (et al) had chained himself to the desk of the AIDS official at the RI Department of Health... and as cherished as that memory is I couldn't help but wonder where all the passion of that time has gone. I miss Stephen to this day. His smile, that squinted quizzical look, his heart and his passion. Thanks for bringing him back!

October 15, 2010


I remember Stephen from many of the Poz one day confrences and Megan from the longer confrences I was able to attend in the 1990s. Stephen and Megan from the get go never blew me off and always patiently and gently answered my questions. In the ensuing years with all the baggage involved I believe them to be the two people that gave me the headstart to currently have a beautiful child diagnosed In 1992 who is the brightest light in my life. Thank you both. At 69 I just got my first gmail and although I have had Poz all these years I just learned of Stephens death. He was Super.

August 6, 2010


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