One of Charlottesville’s best musicians has released an album called “Waves”.  I’m pimping the work because Jdavyd Williams shares a love for Depeche Mode, and you can hear that and other influences (Gary Numan chief among them) in his work.

It’s a really interesting approach to electronic music, involving chanting and Jdavyd’s interest in Kirtan.  You can check out the music by visiting his web site:

I met Jdavyd back when Tokyo Rose ran the underground goth night, The Dawning, here in C’ville.  One time, we were both doing solo electronic music- me as Synthetic Division, and him as Visions In Blue- and we were opening up for Bella Morte.  Each of our sets were 20 minutes long, and Gopal Metro asked, “What are you doing, punk sets???”

Synthpop, actually.

At the recent HIV benefit show, Jdavyd donated his talents to run sound, and he always goes the extra mile to make bands sound the best that they can.  I’m really happy for him for making his first solo CD after years of being in bands (In Tenebris), and the results are impressive. 
What made doing the last Synthetic Division CD exciting for me was having a co-writer in Kyle Wiggins- he provided the music which allowed me to approach the vocals with more excitement.  I’m really excited about writing new music, and last fall Jdavyd and I decided to collaborate.  The music he sent me is incredible, and I’m doing my best to write vocals that match the level. 

If it’s slow-going, it’s because of me, not him!  Will post new Synthetic Division music here, but in the meantime, go catch the “Wave” with Jdavyd, and enjoy the ride.

Positively Yours,

PS... If you’re in town, mark down his CD Release Party at Twisted Branch on Wednesday, August 19.

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