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Table Talk: The "BIG" No When Dating Poz [VIDEO]

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Kudos for this effort. I wish you both so much success because this conversation needs to be had in a real and approach manner. I two have and is dealing with this daily. I am among the oldest living with this and I struggled in the closet in deep fear most of my life. I think for people and particular people of color it is important for them to see and hear from couple who have moved this mountain out of the way together. Sexuality is a main focus for the LBGT community it time for love.

January 25, 2018 Atlanta Georgia

Gee Poz

Yet another batch of Americans desperately seeking something- --anything---to offend their deeply held sensibilities and make them feel victimized, thereby relievingbthem of any moral consequences of their actions. I would prefer open and candid expressions of how people feel rather than hidden dissembling, as these guys suggest. Or one could avoid dating HIV + guys altogether, at least those who still have u resolved issues around it, like these guys do

January 25, 2018 India


I'm so glad to see two people who love each other enough to work through these problems. As a positive woman, I can relate, What engaged me the most was your honesty and your ability to call things out. HIV brings it's own challenges to a relationship, just as you stated. Wouldn't it be nice if people could be this sensitive in any relationship? Candor and gentleness goes a long way to making a partnership work, because of course, we're not perfect. I look forward to watching more.

January 25, 2018 NY


Hi, I somewhat disagree with the statement that the non-poz individual should be asked and think about whether they can be a caregiver. That goes both ways. We medications today, they is just a much possibility that the non-poz individual will die of something before the Poz individual. Therefore, that should be a statement both people ask before getting into a long term relationship, not something specific for a couple with one Poz individual.

January 25, 2018 Fort Lauderdale FL


Preach! "Do you know how you got it?" is SO judgemental. "Are you clean?" Yes. I just got out of the shower I hope you did as well. A more meaningful question is: do you practice safe sex? And if you are that concerned with regard to sleeping with someone you've just met, "because I do" should be in order. Many people are either not truthful or honestly know their status, which is why the direct question is really of know consequence. I DO disclose my status along with safe sex practices.

January 23, 2018 Kansas


Re: the emotional health and well-being of anybody, regardless of their HIV status, should be of utmost importance to all. I do think it's important ask probing questions of someone you've been dating (i.e., how long or how acquired). And, I agree, asking someone if they are "clean" is, at a least, super tacky + insensitive. Congrats on your web series!

January 15, 2018 KCMO


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